FBI Says There is No Domestic ISIS Threat, NYPD Runs Pointless ISIS Terror Drill Anyway

This afternoon, the NYPD, in all their theatrical glory staged a terror drill in Times Square up and down, fittingly, the shiny lights of Broadway. The purpose? Commissioner Bratton wouldn't say exactly. "Something something a new era of terror threats" was his go-to talking point - a rather ominous non-statement that was clearly meant to allude to ISIS while cleverly avoiding the pesky reality that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have repeatedly insisted there is no credible threat from ISIS on the American "homeland":


But the American press, always on the lookout for fear porn and buoyed by the pseudo-legitimacy of the military state's PR wing (a/k/a the "terrorism expert" industry) wouldn't be denied. So they reached back into the nostalgia file and grabbed a vague "jihadi posting" from 2010 that had allegedly "resurfaced".

The source for this new ISIS-themed "resurfacing" being a rather vague newsish site called Vocativ. Launched last year, in part, by former Obama Chief of Staff and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel's brother (and inspiration for Entourage's Ari Gold) Ari Emanuel, Vocativ.com claims to have found the "ISIS posting" using its one-of-a-kind "deep web" technology. What the fuck "deep web" is and why it was needed to find random bomb making propaganda that had been floating around the web for years wasn't clear. Needless to say, however, this "report" (see: commercial for Vocativ) and its citation of a four year-old "al Qaeda document" was more than enough to convince the press "news" had been made in the strict sense that they could repeat it without looking like they just made up an ISIS threat whole cloth. The fact that this "evidence" predated the formation of the group in question by roughly three and a half years was irrelevant. All that mattered was it was Terror Time™ — clicks needed to be clicked, deadlines needed to be made, and terror drills needed to be justified.


All this, of course, we can be sure had nothing to do with the concurrent House vote this afternoon to authorize selling arms to Syrian rebels to fight ISIS. Nope. Entirely unrelated. Just a standard terror drill with press everywhere and a routine "resurfacing" of years-old threats on "Jihadi forums" found somewhere in the "deep web".


Study showing only 41% of Americans read past the headline can be read here. This post originally ran in citationsneeded.com

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